Our Philosophy

The J+J Philosophy is simple: We are committed to creating clothing the right way... No shortcuts. Our goal is to make timeless garments that walk with you through life. Ones that bend, but don’t break. Clothing that you look + feel great in. Clothing you wear with ease. We specialize in Raw Silk, Hand-Worked Textiles, and garments grown, Handwoven, + sewn in the U.S.

Here at Jamie + The Jones, we pride ourselves in creating wearable garments that encourage slow, thoughtful living. We take the time to perfect each seam to ensure that the sewing techniques we use are substantial and hold up to the integrity of every fabric and silhouette we offer. Each piece, made to order, is designed, hand-cut, sewn, and packaged here in Nashville, TN.

Our Philosphy is Simple - Create beautiful garments we want to live in + support textile traditions that we love. 

We strive to bring a fresh perspective to design by providing you with a new look into textiles, color, and collaboration. Our work is contrived from the universal language of color, our main source of inspiration.

Color has the ability to transcend how we think , what we feel, and how we perceive life and those around us. Interesting color combinations, hues, textures, and the process of developing color fascinates us and seeps into our identity as a brand.

Color is how we begin a collaboration, how we plan new garments, and the way we envision the future of Jamie + The Jones. Collaboration is how we breathe life into J+J, or rather, how others breathe life into our brand. From our One-Of-A-Kind, fully life-cycle transparent Handwovens to unique projects that highlight crafts-women we believe in, our collaborations are what make us the business we believe in…A merging of ideas and talent. A mutual sense of education and growth; An element we find fundamental to our own growth as a company.

We want our clothing to make you feel effortlessly beautiful while inspiring you to invest in a mindful approach to fashion. We firmly believe in slow process design and maintain this principle in each made-to-order garment we produce.

Team J+J is a dedicated, diverse team who work meticulously to ensure our message is delivered to you—from design and production to quality and fulfillment. Our expansive library of colors, silhouettes, textures, and natural fibers come together to create a collection that is versatile and seasonless, so you can add to your wardrobe one piece at a time.