Slow Process Design + Manufacturing

My love for slow process design and traditional, hand-worked textile techniques began as a child with a hand sewing needle and my mom's home sewing kit.  With an eye for design, but a mind for business, I attempted to take the safe route and go to school to be an accountant.  I lasted one year before the design itch had its way, and I enrolled in a design school and graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising.  In my mid-twenties, I traveled around the world researching and learning about handwoven fabrics, the inner workings of factories and the skilled labor involved.  Now, with my experience and passion,  I strive to bring you a fresh perspective to design by providing  a new look into textiles, color, and collaboration.  I am so happy you found your way to this little corner of the world and hope you stay a while.

- Jamie

We believe in creating beautiful garments you want to live in while supporting textile traditions we love.